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Holland America Line

Scripts Oliver Permut CW Nicole Levine AD Jordan Lipton

Challenge Develop an umbrella creative platform and campaign that represents the brand identity of Holland America Line, an adventure-driven, mid-level luxury cruise line, in order to Increase brand awareness and drive bookings. 

Insight  HAL's primary target demographic can be described as "modern explorers." They seek new and enriching experiences outside of their comfort zones, and define themselves more by where they've traveled than where they're from. Modern Explorers are not searching for another theme park at sea when they travel.  They want to discover something with true meaning.

One brand, two creative solutions.

Live A Life Well Traveled

Set at the funeral of a well traveled man. Friends from all corners of the earth have gathered to pay their respects, dressed in traditional garb. Chairs are assembled around a coffin atop a lush green cliff. The camera focuses on the coffin. A man pops up in the coffin and turns his seated body towards the camera. That man is Bill Murray.

Hi there. (waves) I'm Bill Murray, the world's second-most authority on travel.


Some might say I lived a pretty cool life. I tried to keep the wheels greased and moving and made my way around the globe a few times. (Hoists himself up and climbs out of the coffin


Mostly to try foreign beers, and the occasional delicacy (grabs a bite off of hors d'oeuvre's plate ushered into shot by waitstaff). This guy knows what I mean (elbows overweight Maori tribesmen in the ribs as he strolls by the front aisle).


These guys over here, they're my friends. (points over shoulder


Well, most of them are. I think that crew in the back might be crashing. (Masai warriors turn their spears toward underdressed mourners stuffing their faces with appetizers from buffet bar behind back row.)


Anyway, it's been pretty real here on earth. Travel has been the most fulfilling part of my life aside from making people laugh. Well that, and pottery. I made those myself. (Inuit slowly gets off of pot he was sitting on.)


If I can offer one piece of parting advice (walks over and climbs back into the coffin), see the world. Live a life well traveled. You won't regret it. I know I don't. (Gets settled and comfortable)


Well, that's all. Bye now. (closes eyes)


Logo/Super: Live a life well traveled.

We The Explorers

A rally cry for modern explorers across the globe.

There are those of us who've never left our hometowns.

Who know the names of every dog in the neighborhood.

Who eat at the same local mom & pop shop three nights a week.


We are not those people.


We find comfort in foreign skies,

and find our feet on strange shores.


Our passports are creased, their pages peppered in stamps,

our pockets lined with colorful currency and strange coins.


We binge watch the constellations, and the occasional nature docu-series.


Our boots scuffed and worn from trails trekked, our bellies full with spicy delicacies and exotic cuisines.


We sleep soundly on the open ocean,

and feel at home in distant ports.


And no matter how many miles we've traveled, how many flavors we've tasted, how many cities we've traversed.... we always crave more.


Because we're explorers. And the world always has more in store.


Come join us.

We The Explorers.

Holland America Line

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