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CW Oliver Permut

Radio Spot

Powering The Road Ahead - Volkswagen
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SFX: Low, almost unintelligible whirring sound from electric engine.


VO: You hear that? That's the sound of a new Volkswagen cruising down the highway.


SFX: Whirring continues.


VO: Doesn't sound like much, does it? Well, that's the sound of great change. The sound of zero carbon emissions. The sound of preserving all of the beautiful landscapes that line the open road. Introducing a full line of electrically powered VW vehicles.


SFX: Whirring continues.


VO: That's the sound of a Volkswagen.


Powering the road ahead.


Challenge VW plans to replace all their gasoline and diesel powered
vehicles with a complete lineup of 100% electric powered
vehicles over the next 10 years. Create a campaign introducing VW's electric initiative.

Insight  Volkswagen has been a counterculture pioneer since its inception. When others in the automotive industry were producing big cars, VW went small. Now VW can demonstrate its ability to pave the road into the future by moving against the grain with all electric vehicles, establishing itself as a leader in the sustainability movement.

Solution Utilizing silence as a tool to pique consumers interest in a radio spot, position Volkswagen as a green initiative front runner as it Powers the Road Ahead.

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