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Script Oliver Permut CW Anna Nowok

TVC produced and translated for the German market.

Challenge Create a commercial that demonstrates the elevated viewing experience provided by Samsung's soundbar.

Insight Sound is responsible for provoking an emotional response from the viewer when watching film, which leads to a more powerful, meaningful and immersive experience.

Feel More Than You Can See

The commercial follows a male protagonist as he progresses through three scenes. First, he is at a peaceful lake in the middle of a forest, immersed in nature. He is startled by a distant commotion. Next, he navigates through a busy and boisterous city landscape. And finally, he returns home to the quiet comfort of his apartment and turns on his TV and Samsung soundbar.


Voice Over: 

Our world is a colorful one. Filled with life and movement and sometimes, just sometimes, an offer of peaceful serenity. A moment to rest our hearts as soothing sounds calm the mind and reward the soul for all its tireless searching. A moment to survey our surroundings and contemplate our inner musings, our senses heightened by the gentle silence.


Until, inevitably, the unknown interrupts our momentary serenity. Our instincts pique up, searching for possible sources of danger, our emotions surrendered to the sound. Like two notes that alert us that danger approaches, an eerie staccato that incites fear.


Our heart pounds in rhythm to footsteps on pavement. The city echoes our internal thoughts, rattling around our brains and the surrounding commotion. Sounds reflect our internal experience, and our internal experience reflects the sounds around us.


A soothing reprise when we settle into our favorite chair. Serenity returns. Until we press play, and let sounds carry us through another's emotional journey. Because without those sounds, our minds and hearts would never leave that comfortable seat.



Samsung. Feel more than you can see.


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